Army Challenge Coins

Army Challenge Coins…What are they? What do they mean? They are believed to go all the way back to World War I, being given out to any soldier who completed a special task. These military challenge coins were often used as a form of proof of being a US soldier, if one was somehow captured by an allied nation. Of course, many believe that soldiers enjoyed getting challenge coins, simply because they could. Whether it was collecting them for fun or as proof that they did something worthy of praise, they certainly made being a soldier that much more enjoyable.

Army Challenge Coins

An outstanding challenge coin made for the US Army.

US Army Challenge Coins are round and are between 1 1/2 and 2 inches in diameter. There are many designs on these military challenge coins on both sides. The military challenge coins are made for high-ranking officers, units, and conflict. Many Army soldiers buy challenge coins to help out with fundraisers. Of course, when they’re given out, it’s always for something special. They’ve been given to presidents like Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, as well as civilians for doing anything worthy of praise.

Almost always, though, Army challenge coins are given to soldiers who put their life on the line. Whether it’s saving their unit, completing their mission under dire circumstances, or even giving up their life in order to do something for the greater good, those are the things that a military challenge coin represents for a US Army soldier. That is why if you ever see a US Army soldier, or anyone from the military with a challenge coin from their respective branch, you’ll know that it means more to them than any badge on their uniform.

The families of the soldiers who passed away are always given military challenge coins in the honor of their relative that gave his life for the right cause. Families will wear necklaces with many challenge coins to honor their relative. Police and Fire Departments of the city that an Army soldier resides will present challenge coins to the soldier as a way of showing what they mean to the city. There is no greater honor than being shown the respect of the entire city in the form of a military challenge coin.

So, other than challenge coins being given out for completing special, or life-threatening tasks, or simply helping society, what is the meaning for soldiers in the Army other than bragging rights? Well, actually that’s the fun part! When a soldier has his challenge coin out in the open in front of other soldiers, it is often believed to be a challenge. If other soldiers around can’t present a coin, they’re forced to buy a round of drinks for the challenger and everyone else who was challenged.

The next time a US Army soldier is in the area, and a challenge coin is present, just remember what the soldier has gone through in order to attain such an astounding accomplishment.

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