Salute to Our Veterans – Especially My Father

Veterans of Foreign Wars Coin

Go out today and thank a Vet - they deserve it.

My friends will confirm this, but I spend a lot of time at the local VFW ( we call it the Country Club ) with my father, mother and brothers. Some great friendships have been born here over the years and Veterans Day is always a special event. Even though we started our “celebration” last night…we plan on making round two tonight even more special.

My father is a war vet – he fought for this country in Vietnam and I am extremely proud of his contributon to our freedom. What’s so great is the comraderie among the VFW members my family spends so much time with. We have vets from Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam…and everywhere else…if there was a US conflict, we’ve got a member who served. This place is truly family.

Just like many VFW Posts around the country, the walls of this small gathering place are adorned with pictures of past members and officers. Ribbons, medals, citations, and memorabilia are everywhere. It’s clear these guys are proud of their military service. Believe it or not, most of these guys I hang out with on a regular basis didn’t even know what a challenge coin was up until a few years ago. It is now the new topic of conversation over $2 beers.

The purpose of this post really has nothing to do with challenge coins at all. This post serves a big “THANK YOU” to my Dad, and all the other vets that make it possible for me to walk down the street of a free country, enjoy friends, and know that the lifestyle we ALL have is a debt we can never repay to our Veterans.

Now, go do something nice for a Vet today!

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