Challenge Coins: Matters of Thickness

When it comes to challenge coins, or military coins, you will see many coins with varying degrees of thickness. While most are about 3mm thick, there are some that can be found at nearly 4 to 5mm thick. The increased base material presents itself by way of a much “heavier” and substantial piece.

US-Special-Operations Challenge CoinThere are some collectors out there that actively seek out such coins and hold them near and dear as opposed to their normal or standard coins. The downside of such thickness, traditionally speaking, is that the weight of the challenge coins in your pocket can be quite burdensome.

Typically you will see the elaborate 3D designs manufactured with extra base material. This adds dimension and depth to a custom challenge coin. Some great examples can be seen on the internet and auction sites and are mostly military oriented. However, there is a trend over the last year or so to have such coins made for weddings and sports teams as well.

The next time you are looking for a challenge coin to add to your collection, pay attention to thickness. This single feature can add some uniqueness to your collection.

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