Making Custom Coins Unique

Submitted by Kirt Greene, Amarillo Tx

Challenge coins have been used by the military since World War I. They are artfully designed coins or medallions with an insignia, emblem or logo that represents the branch of the military or a particular unit or mission. It is an honor to receive a challenge coin as proof of membership. They strengthen bonds, promote friendships and are a morale booster.

Custom challenge coins have been made by the military for almost a hundred years that are personalized to educate the public about important issues, raise funds and honor exceptional individuals in the Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines and Coast Guard. They are always carried by the recipient as proof of membership if they are challenged at any time.

Custom CoinsToday, custom coins are popular with sports teams, universities, charity organizations, businesses and schools. They inspire a particular group to work well as a team and value the other members. They are also a good marketing tool for businesses and as a reward for a job well done.

Custom challenge coins are die struck and have deep etching that looks like an embossed design. The different finishes can be from simple pewter to solid 24K gold. A die struck brass or bronze coin is the strongest and will not scratch easily. Enamel paints can be added for bright colors that make the coin very attractive. This beautiful artwork adds to their intrinsic value. They can also be made in any shape, not just round. There are many in the shape of the country where the mission took place, the shape of a police badge, a rectangle, square or in the shape of the actual logo or emblem.

The information including the logo, text, colors, shape, type of metal and required size are given to the manufacturer. They give it to their designers who create a coin.

Military challenge coins must not be altered in any way, but businesses, non-profits and other civil organizations may make their custom coins into key chains, or put on the side of a coffee mug. These custom coins are more often displayed than hidden. The coin itself can be a bottle opener. They have all the art and information of a challenge coin with the added benefit that they are bottle openers.

Custom challenge coins are a commemorative product. Scout troops, church groups, professional associations, volunteers, sororities and fraternities are just a few of the associations who could make use of this inclusive prize.

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