The Citadel Air Force ROTC Detachment 765 Challenge Coin

The Citadel - Military College of South CarolinaA perfect example of a custom coin manufactured in the form of a unique shape can be seen by taking a look at the recent Citadel Air Force ROTC Detachment 765 Challenge Coins. By using the characteristic shape of the symbolic building itself and red/white checkerboard quad inside each of the five barracks on location, the coin is immediately recognizable by staff, cadets, and alumni. Personalized elements are then included to specifically recognize ROTC Detachment 765.

The Citadel AF ROTC 765 Challenge CoinsThe coins are minted at 2.75″ in antiqued silver metal at 4mm thickness. This is a full millimeter thicker than standard coins and will surely turn heads upon being presented. Furthermore, one hundred of the 220 coins were numbered sequentially as an identifying mark to it’s owner.

The red and white checkerboard feature is what really makes this coin iconic. The original quad floor in each barrack requires 275 gallons of paint to finish each site; a total of nearly 1400 gallons to complete the entire campus. It is often these types of distinguished design elements that are used to make an average coin turn into something spectacular.

Nested in historic Charleston, South Carolina, The Citadel is recognized as one of the premier military educational institutions in the United States. Formerly known as “The South Carolina Military Academy,” the name was changed in 1910 and is now home to over two thousand cadets enrolled in undergraduate pursuits. The Citadel also caters to evening civilian student programs.

Accolades are no stranger to The Citadel. Major news organizations that rank both military colleges and civilian institutions have recognized The Citadel on several occasions for their Master’s Degree Programs, Engineering, and overall educational value.

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