Start Collecting Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are customized coins that are given to each member of a special organization or group. It symbolizes their membership or participation in that group. Once you are given a challenge coin it is important that you keep it with you wherever you go.

What happens to these coins when a member of the services or group dies, loses interest in the group, or loses their coins? It may fall upon a collector of challenge coins. If you just found your first challenge coin you may want to start collecting more.

Challenge coins are also military coins, which can be pure bronze coins plated in gold or other precious metals and display a significant image of the armed service branch they served in. However, there are challenge coins for federal groups, organizational groups, civilians, and more.

If you want to be a collector, you may want to start looking for these coins at auctions, like eBay. There are many different types of coins that you can come across at an auction. If it is an estate auction, you may find a challenge coin buried deep inside some miscellaneous items so make sure you look through everything very carefully. One may wonder how valuable these coins really are. Challenge coins can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Before you begin collecting, decide what branch, group, or organization you want to collect. If you want to collect the Air Force challenge coins then try to look specifically for these. You can collect more than one branch at a time but it makes collecting more exciting if you have one particular coin you are trying to find. After you decide on a particular challenge coin, you may want to do your research on that type of challenge coin. There is a lot of information available online today and you can find endless information on any particular subject, including challenge coins.

When you do your research, you will find a lot of valuable information about how challenge coins were created and why they were created. Most of the time, they were created because the commander or lieutenant wanted to give his men something to remember what they had accomplished and to always have something to reflect on. These coins to a collector symbolize money but to the original person who received it, it stood for sacrifice, hard work, and accomplishment.

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