Fire Fighter Challenge Coins

Fire Fighter EMS Challenge CoinsThe challenge coin is a unique and captivating award issued to servicemen, such as fire fighters and military personnel. For fire fighters, the challenge coin represents pride and honor for a past accomplishment or heroic endeavor.

The challenge coin is not only a way to show gratitude for impressive feats – it is a way to interact with others through a simple challenge. The challenge is meant to create camaraderie and boost morale; it is a friendly and good-natured tradition shared among unit members.

To challenge a fellow coin bearer, one must simply take their coin and set it or tap it repeatedly on the bar, table, or whatever surface is available. The person or group being challenged must either produce their own coin(s) or buy the challenger a round of drinks. If the challenge individuals do have their coin(s), though, then the person who made the challenge must buy a round of drinks.

A fire fighter may pose a challenge to another fire fighter at any given moment – even, as it has been joked about, in the shower. Many men and women carry their challenge coins with them at all times, but some keep theirs home in a decorative display case, lending themselves to be the victims of challenges.

Typically, challenge coins are heavy and ornate; they are not the kind of award that is easily overlooked. Custom challenge coins are a fantastic way to encourage unity and pride amongst the members of a group or organization. They are high-quality, artistic pieces that can be treasured for years to come, passed on from generation to generation.

Military coins are the most recognized kind of challenge coin, but they can be awarded to many different individuals who serve and protect civilians. They are highly symbolic and meaningful pieces that are cherished by the few who earn them.

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