Challenge Coins for All Groups

Collecting challenge coins is a popular pastime these days. Also known as Military coins, their purpose has evolved beyond the original significance of proving the bearer’s identity. Instead, their focus has moved towards loyalty and respect. Participating in challenges with these military coins is taken very seriously and defacing them in any way will cancel them. This reflects the grave responsibility of those who carry challenge coins.

The importance of challenge coins today lies behind the pride of having them. The coins reflect the affiliation or patronage of the organization minted on the coin, whether it be military or civilian. They are to be kept on the body at all times and cannot be defaced in any way. The suggested means of carrying these coins is in a pouch secured on a chain around the neck. It is important they not be worn in a way that would jeopardize the security of possessing the coin.

In today’s military world, the tradition of the challenge associated with military coins is used to ensure that unit members have their coins on their persons. Challenges can be made at any time and consist of the challenger placing his or her coin on the table. Continuously tapping the coin on the table can also be a means of starting the challenge. All challenged are expected to immediately produce their coins representing their organization. Those who fail to do this will be expected to buy a round of drinks for the group.

Military commanders make use of their challenge coins in other ways. Improving morale is a key function in challenges as well as honoring members for their service. These qualities are met through challenges and rewards for hard work, dedication and other shows of respect. The rewards are challenge coins that reflect the assignment, giving the recipient a true feeling of accomplishment.

The popularity of challenge coins has also spread into the civilian world in such areas as law enforcement and athletics. A variety of hobby clubs are now enjoying the collection of these small badges symbolic of belonging. Schools and universities have also joined up with utilizing the challenge and reward systems for which these coins are so famous. Because of the standards these coins represent, receiving them for jobs well done is an honor across the board, no matter the area represented.