Highly Collectible Challenge Coins

Swiftly becoming a collectable item with both military and civilian memorabilia enthusiasts, the hobby of buying, selling, and trading challenge coins is on the increase in the United States and abroad. Collector’s groups, associations, and forums can be found on the internet exploring every possible topic within this realm of collecting. The savvy collector can keep abreast of the most current news by frequently watching for updates in this hobby.

What started as a military tradition to boost morale, pride, and cohesion within a unit, custom challenge coins are now used by everything from fire departments to symphony orchestras for the same reasons. Businesses reward employees and create a community of prideful workers by delivering elegantly designed challenge coins to them. Fraternities, sports teams, motorcycle clubs and more use the coins as a symbol of pride in membership.

Finding and collecting challenge coins on the market is simple with the help of the internet. Many companies exist that sell current coins and create custom designed coins. Online auctions have thousands of coins up for auction or ready to purchase. Something to consider when buying challenge coins is the goal you have as a collector. Although there are some valuable coins, generally those that were actually awarded to a member of a group, most challenge coins can be purchased for just a few dollars. These are more than likely not the original coins given to military units, Rather, they are similar coins that have been mass-produced for sale. Because these coins are not minted by nations, there are often difficulties knowing if the coin is an original or later copy.

Using an online database of coins can help clear up some of the confusion. At least one expanding database of custom challenge coins exists that is attempting to catalog every coin ever produced along with accompanying information. It is a wonderful place for beginners to browse, getting an idea of what coins exist, when they were created, and what they commemorate.

Manufacturers of challenge coins are numerous, offering engraved, embossed, and enameled coins. In only a few weeks a design can be created and coins minted. Many advanced hobbyists enjoy having custom challenge coins created to share with family, friends, and trading partners. Exciting original designs can easily be sold at auction online.

With the increasing popularity of collecting custom challenge coins, accessories are now offered. Presentation cases, holders, and display units can all be purchased. Because the coins were historically kept intact, not drilled and worn as jewelry, cases or holders worn around the neck with the coin safely inside are another available accessory.

Whether for pure enjoyment or as an investment, collecting custom challenge coins is a rewarding hobby that combines history, pride, and art.

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