The Value of Challenge Coins

The use of challenge coins was, in the past, restricted to US military forces but with time, the functions of these valuable items have been stretched to include many other fields. They are featured prominently in many work places, academic institutions, and a variety of other contexts.

Military coins have become a precious collector’s item as a result of a number of features that they possess. They are very appealing in form and design and can therefore be used to create a beautiful display panel as a room’s centerpiece. They are also rare because every design only has a limited run and this is one of the most important features of collectibles. Their value to recipients is linked to the fact that they are only given out in recognition of a notable achievement. The metallurgical value of challenge coins is also high and these aspects in total make them a favorite for collectors.

These coins are also valued because of their steady rise in worth. Getting hold of rare custom challenge coins serves as a guarantee of a handsome profit in case one intends to sell them in future. The oldest military coins are the most valuable because there are very few of them in circulation and considering the rich heritage behind them, everyone wants a piece of the treasure. They therefore serve as a wise investment for a rainy day, with the promise of very high demand whenever they will be placed on a trading platform.

Additionally, these small medal-like coins have been given out by many an employer to recognize the efforts of workers. They are handed out to employees who manage special feats or in one way or another lead the organization to a position of advantage. They are also important symbols of camaraderie and they could be used to solidify the bonds between individual members of the workforce team.

The coins are also valued when issued out in commemoration of special events. It is common to have a company produce a set of custom challenge coins on their golden jubilee or any other significant date of their existence. These are held in the firm’s ‘treasure chest’ for years to come and serve as a reminder of how far the organization has come. It makes a very good method for preservation of an organization’s heritage. The different decorative patterns made on such coins make this kind of display very attractive and rich in meaning.

One of the most highly prized items on this line is referred to as the Bulldog Challenge Coin. It dates back to the Second World War and it was given to the few brave souls who fought in the decommissioned B-52 gunner. The worth of this coin is enhanced by the fact that the few who got them fought in the most vulnerable position, under the fighter jet encased in a pod.

Find out about other military coins as well and start your very own challenge coin collection, as it is both an exciting and highly rewarding endeavor.

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