Collecting Challenge Coins is a Worldwide Craze You Can Join

Even if you’re not part of a group that awards their own challenge coins, you can be part of this exciting, world-wide phenomenon by beginning a collection of military coins, also known as challenge coins. There are so many types of challenge coins that you can’t collect them all. You’ll need to narrow your collection down to some category that interests you.

Your collection can be based on anything you like. Perhaps your father served in the U.S. military in Vietnam. Maybe you want to collect military challenge coins from that era. Maybe you want to collect only coins from one branch of the military, like the Air Force, regardless of era. You might collect challenge coins from motorcycle clubs or sports teams.

Maybe you’re from a family with a history of police service. You could seek out custom challenge coins from different police forces. Or you might collect firefighter challenge coins from the Texas Rangers, or even coins that were minted to commemorate space missions by NASA.

That’s not the only way to collect coins. You can go for the gold and only buy coins minted from 24K gold. Coins minted from .999 percent pure silver make a beautiful investment too. If you collect challenge coins made from precious metals, your collection will increase in value with time. And they’re easy to liquidate if you need to turn them back into cash.

Maybe you think the latest 5-color or 3-D printing processes looks awesome, so you collect 3-D challenge coins from around the world. You can probably find 3-D challenge coins from films like Avatar or Star Wars. You might like soccer. You could look for challenge coins from previous World Cup or different championships.

If all else fails, make your own coins and sell them. Begin your collection by creating coins that mean something to you. Maybe you want to honor American frontiersmen or European composers or famous women writers. Design your coins, have them minted and trade them with others. If you make nice enough coins, they’ll sell themselves. If you use precious metals, they’ll have immediate, lasting value that can be determined by checking current spot prices on the commodities market.

Collecting challenge coins is a fun, exciting hobby. It’s a good way to invest your money and build a collection of coins that you enjoy.

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