Displaying Your Military Coins

challenge coins displaysWhether you are the recipient of well-earned military coins or an ardent collector of them, there are a variety of attractive ways to commemorate your honored keepsakes and you will find many sites devoted to showing you how. Rather than leaving your treasured coins tucked away in a box, you can proudly set them upon a desktop, mantle, or mounted on a wall, secure in a handsome display where they will serve as reminders of dedication, courage and valor and be a continued source of inspiration. You may also choose to have your display engraved with your name, title, and rank. Display cases come in all styles, sizes, shapes, and materials, designed with the protection of your prized cache in mind.

There are handsome shelf and floor displays guaranteed to be a worthy enhancement for your collection. A pyramid display can mount many coins individually, each on their own easel. And if you prefer to showcase extra special coins singly, there are some very stylish models for those as well. Rotating wood display models, for either a single coin or several, allow both sides of the coin to be seen, as will a uniquely designed metal tree. A glass dome display with a rotating base is also popular. Models of this type also are available for one coin or many. If you wish instead to have only certain coins out at different times while keeping your entire collection together, beautifully carved wood models allow you to mount some on top while placing others below in a drawer for a future date. Some challenge coin displays offer a tiered rack option for all your coins at once. And for the frequent traveler who cannot part with his collection, a hand held portable display case will allow for easy transport while keeping each valued coin secure in its special place. Ranging from the elegant to the simple to the custom made and innovative, whether your fancy is wood, metal, or crystal, there is a suitable display to meet the needs of every collector and for all to admire.

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