Challenge Coins: Diverse Collectibles

Challenge coins are very popular and widely used within military organizations. These are usually given to all Airmen when they successful go through the training process. Others are given out when a person performs an act that deserves recognition but does not qualify to get a medal. They are usually treasured by the individuals who receive them. Over the years, the coins are not only used in the military as their use has spread to other institutions. Numerous clubs, organizations and businesses award them to their members. These are also sold at fundraisers.

Custom challenge coins can also be used as a marketing tool to promote various products. Normally, they are double sided about 2.9mm thick and 1.5 inches in diameter. However, they can be made in any way to suit the situation. Getting them is quite simple as all you have to do is give the manufacturers the specifications you want. The manufacturers create a mock up coin to be sure that is what you are looking for. You can make adjustments to get the exact design you want. When everything is in order, you can get a bulk order. The challenge coins are made from various materials with the most common one being bronze. Other than military, some of the institutions where they are used are:

Law Enforcement- police challenge coins are used to boost morale and award the people who have shown exceptional service. There are different ones for different departments that show the different challenges that people go through.

Fire Brigade- the firefighters are also given challenge coins when they have tackled a challenge successfully. They are usually given by a person who has higher ranking to enhance their importance. People in the unit are motivated to work harder to get the coins.

Such coins can sometimes be worn around the neck to display to the individuals around you. However, if you have several coins this might be a bother. One can get a beautiful case where they can be displayed. This can either be shown in the work place or where you live. There are some people who simply like collecting the coins. These individuals do not necessarily “earn” them but just collect them for personal reasons.

Challenge coins have to have the logo of the institution, which makes them easy to identify. They are used to show unity within a team. The owner is usually proud to have them as they signify a lot of hard work and sacrifice they went through to get them. There are some drinking games that are associated with the coins. This is where a person is subjected to a certain challenge. If they do not succeed, they have to buy drinks to everyone that is around. The person who gives out the challenge has to be in possession of a coin and gives orders to the person who does not have one. However, if all his mates have the coins he is forced to buy them drinks. This is a fun way to improve team spirit among members of a particular team.

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