A Useful Suggestion for Your Next Custom Challenge Coin

Every challenge coin company out there offers a full variety of metal finishes that you, the customer, can choose for your custom coins. You’ve seen the gold, the silver, and even all the antiqued finishes all over the place. However, have you considered the much less utilized black nickel finish? This metal is absolutely, without a doubt, the most under ordered finish. I’d have to say not only from Challenge Coins Direct, but from all the manufacturers.

Admittedly, it doesn’t look great on all coin designs, but for most the black nickel would be right at home and add some real character to your project. It would be best described as a sort of gun metal appearance – not quite all silver, but certainly not black metal either. It does have a shine to it when you hold your challenge coin in the light, but it is subdued and very complimentary towards custom military challenge coins.

Black Metal Challenge CoinsWe offer a sample picture of this finish to the left, and on the challenge coin pricing page of our website because this color is extremely difficult to Proof when we send your coin design over to you. Unlike gold and silver, which are quite easy to show you what the finished product will look like, black nickel is nearly impossible to replicate thru a digital proof.

Form our experience, an entire coin with no color fills at all is difficult to make look good. Black metal can change all that because it is so unique, especially in 3D formats. When you want to avoid the gold tones, but don’t desire for the coin to flashy silver – this just may be the right choice for you – and best of all there is no up charge for this selection. Ask your representative if black nickel plating would be “right” for your design. We can almost instantly advise on the best metal color choice given your design elements to make your challenge coins unique.

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